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Happy three year Anniversary with Sola Phoenix!

We started off on this venture three short years ago with the three amigos, ready to take on Paradise Valley with a storm. Having such great loyal clients that follow us along our journeys helped us stay blessed and keep the growth moving upward and onward! As taught by our entrepreneur parents, we met all challenges with grace and a smile on our face.

Venessa phased out to take care of her health and Javon phased in to grow her business and meet our needs as well. Lisa has flourished in her loc and natural hair care journey! Terri continues to master the full hair care service!

Sola Phoenix, Avery and all the Sola team have been so supportive and fun to work with. We spend our off time traveling and bettering our skills and our franchise owner, Avery is the best - always making sure our needs are met and our establishment is always in tip top shape.

Here's to many more adventures and fun!

Originally posted September 12, 2017

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